Bereco’s Director Nicola Harrison along with Simon Beer, Managing Director of Bluesky Certification presented a live seminar at the Fit Show 2019.

The 40 minute seminar discussed the role that noise plays in our overall health and wellbeing, the impact it can have on us and answered the question can windows and doors really improve our long term health?

Nicola Harrison said “Unfortunately the impact of our choices even today, when it comes to new or replacement windows and doors is not really being considered. Even though the world is now waking up to our reliance on single use plastics; the importance of recycling and the factors that affect global warming, there are other factors that are really not being considered yet that affect us as people in our daily lives such as noise. Our 24 hour society is a major source of unwanted noise and this can be seriously damaging to our health causing issues such as stroke, dementia and heart disease and certified noise rated windows and doors can help mitigate that. I am excited to be able to discuss this subject, share our research, findings and solutions in collaboration with Bluesky Certification at this year’s Fit Show.”

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