3rd party certification is independent verification that a product or service has the expected performance. Most certification bodies require an initial assessment, which for products will include a review of test evidence, followed by periodic inspections and audit tests to verify the ongoing performance.

Other types of certification include 1st party, which would be a statement of compliance by the provider of the service, and 2nd party, which would be certification by a party who is connected in some way to the supplier of the service (e.g. a component supplier).

3rd party certification still requires the provider of the service to take responsibility for what they supply as the certification is based on verification at periodic intervals. 3rd party certification is therefore not a guarantee of the performance of the product or service that is covered.

Bluesky Certification operates a number of 3rd party certification schemes for doors, windows, glass and fire resistant products. Further details can be found here.

If you are looking to specify 3rd party certification for products that you wish to buy, we have written some specification clauses for you. Click here for details.


UKAS regularly scrutinise Bluesky Certification's policies and procedures, enabling us to deliver credible 3rd party certification.


Our own reputation together with the accreditation held with UKAS, means that our schemes are widely recognised by controlling authorities including Secured by Design and the NHBC.


Our highly skilled team together with rigorous requirements means that joining our schemes sets you apart from your competitors.


We recognise that our customers are central to our business and as such, Bluesky's friendly team is ready to respond promptly to your enquiry.

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