Bluesky’s vision is to provide credible certification encouraging companies to improve the quality of their products and to allow them to differentiate themselves.

We believe that well-informed customers make better decisions. Doors and windows have a big effect on your safety and security so you want a simple set of trustworthy factors to help you make good decisions. Doors and windows are no different in this respect to buying a car or appliance.

Bluesky’s reputation stands on providing credible certification and you can be assured that a Bluesky certified company has met the rigorous requirements of our schemes.

We are independent and hence don’t benefit from you choosing specific companies, but it is good for us if purchasers are informed about their door and window choices, the competences of our customers and the value of certification.

Our Managing Director, Simon Beer, has an engineering background with experience in certification for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of external doors and windows, fire doors, fire stopping and other construction products. Our team has an extensive mix of technical knowledge and hands-on experience, which is tremendously valuable to us and our customers. We understand both the building regulations required and the actual issues faced by installers and manufacturers, allowing us to run our business with high standards which can genuinely add value to the products you purchase.

Bluesky Certification is a UKAS accredited Certification Body, No. 9413. This accreditation covers only the activities described in our accreditation scope.

If you are considering using another certification body we suggest you verify that they are also accredited by UKAS, as this will help to ensure that the certification is credible.

Bluesky Certification is recognised by Secured by Design (SBD) and provides the certification which is required for door and window manufacturer and installers to apply for membership of SBD licensing schemes. You can find us listed under “Certification Bodies”. Secured by Design is the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes. In West Yorkshire, research demonstrated that newly built developments built to SBD standards were up to 75% less likely to be burgled.

NHBC recognises that a UKAS-accredited Approved Body is able to test and determine the performance characteristics of window and door sets to British Standards. Calibso Limited (trading as Bluesky Certification) is a UKAS accredited Approved Body, no. 2731, approved by DLUHC  to provide assessment against the given schemes. Therefore, assessments carried out by Bluesky Certification can be used to determine compliance with the relevant sections of NHBC Standards Chapter 6.7 ‘Doors, windows and glazing.


The technical requirements of our schemes are high, in order to ensure that they provide something of value. However, once you have met the technical requirements, we believe that you should be able to achieve certification swiftly with minimal fuss, without having to battle with your certification body’s administrative procedures, or unacceptable lead times. Our operation has a strong emphasis on customer service, so that you can quickly deal with the certification and carry on with your business.

Audit visits:

We believe that auditors should understand your business, and be fully knowledgeable about the industry in which you operate, the manufacturing process for your product, and how your product should be installed and maintained to achieve the required performance. This knowledge can only really be obtained from years of experience working within the industry, preferably as a manufacturer or installer.

For this reason, we take a different approach to many other certification bodies, training technically competent people to audit, rather than employing trained auditors, then attempting to pass on technical knowledge. When we carry out an audit for you, you can therefore expect any observations, recommendations and requirements raised to be beneficial to your business.

Audit tests:

Audit tests help to demonstrate that the ongoing performance of a product is maintained in the ongoing production. Striking the right balance with the frequency of audit tests and the selection process is important. Whilst it might provide a high level of confidence to take a random sample daily and test it, this approach is unlikely to be commercially beneficial for a bespoke product manufacturer. It would have a significantly detrimental effect on lead-times, as well as a massive cost impact.

We have set our audit test requirements to give credibility to the scheme, without putting an unrealistic burden on the manufacturer. Audit samples must be demonstrated to be representative of production and are taken at appropriate intervals to give confidence in the manufactured product.

Our schemes for inspection, installation and maintenance operate slightly differently, but have the same ethos when it comes to credibility and customer service.


UKAS regularly scrutinise Bluesky Certification's policies and procedures, enabling us to deliver credible 3rd party certification.


Our own reputation together with the accreditation held with UKAS, means that our schemes are widely recognised by controlling authorities including Secured by Design and the NHBC.


Our highly skilled team together with rigorous requirements means that joining our schemes sets you apart from your competitors.


We recognise that our customers are central to our business and as such, Bluesky's friendly team is ready to respond promptly to your enquiry.

If you would like to discuss certification, please email or call us on 01753 303828