If you are specifying or purchasing windows, doorsets or fire resistant products, you can have greater confidence in the product by including the relevant Bluesky scheme in your specification. This can either be done using the wording below, or alternatively, please contact us as we would be happy to review your specification for you.

All {product type (e.g. doorsets)} must be fully manufactured under the Bluesky Certification scheme for {relevant Bluesky scheme (e.g. fire resisting doorsets).

We would also recommend that the installation and if applicable the maintenance of the product is covered by a Bluesky scheme, as these activities can have a fundamental effect on the performance of the product. To achieve this, you could use the following wording:

All product types (e.g. doorsets), must be installed by a member of the applicable Bluesky Certification scheme (e.g. fire door installation).

Where applicable, the supplier must also include the provision for ongoing maintenance of the product. All maintenance work must be conducted by a member of the applicable Bluesky Certification scheme (e.g. fire door maintenance).

A list of the 3rd party certification schemes that Bluesky Certification operates can be found here.


UKAS regularly scrutinise Bluesky Certification's policies and procedures, enabling us to deliver credible 3rd party certification.


Our own reputation together with the accreditation held with UKAS, means that our schemes are widely recognised by controlling authorities including Secured by Design and the NHBC.


Our highly skilled team together with rigorous requirements means that joining our schemes sets you apart from your competitors.


We recognise that our customers are central to our business and as such, Bluesky's friendly team is ready to respond promptly to your enquiry.

If you would like to discuss certification, please email or call us on 01753 303828