Simon Beer has has left BM TRADA to form Calibso Limited.
Simon developed and ran certification schemes relating to doors, windows and fire resistant products for 10 years, before handing over the day to day management of the department in order to focus solely on developing and taking new services to market for a further five years, with experience in launching a new product or service, including initial development, project management, industry consultation, production of contractual and sales documentation, development of website content, staff training, technical presentations, building regulations compliance and certification requirements.Simon Beer has has left BM Trada to form CALIBSO LIMITED.

Calibso also provides inspection and auditing services associated with doors, windows, glass and fire resistant building products and can deal with issues ranging from app development to HR issues, through other industry contacts.
One of the new company’s first initiatives was the launch of a website, Approved Document Q, aimed at helping developers, manufacturers, and installers to navigate their way through the regulation.

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