Bluesky Certification has extended its UKAS accreditation to include the recently launched fire stopping installation scheme. This important achievement demonstrates the credibility of the scheme to both customers and specifiers.

Although 3rd party certification is not a legal requirement for the installation of firestopping seals, recent fires such as those at Lakanal House and Grenfell Tower have clearly shown that fire compartmentation must be robust. Any services which run through the fire resistant wall have the potential to breach the compartmentation if not done properly. UKAS accredited certification schemes for installers such as that provided by Bluesky will help to ensure that firestopping penetration seals are fitted as intended by the seal manufacturers, to ensure that the fire resistance of the compartment wall is maintained.

“In order to achieve this accreditation we had our scheme rules and procedures reviewed by UKAS, before one of their auditors witnessed us conducting a site audit at one of our customer’s sites. Independent checks were then made by other experts within UKAS before the extension was granted. It was a particularly onerous process, but given the importance of this work, I am pleased that we have had the scheme so thoroughly vetted by UKAS” said Simon Beer, Managing Director at Bluesky Certification.