Bluesky Certification has launched a new certification scheme for the Installation of Firestopping Seals. The Scheme has been developed to provide confidence to fire stopping installers, building owners, specifiers and Responsible Persons that fire stopping products are fitted correctly, so that the fire resistance of compartment lines is preserved.

The fire stopping installation scheme is similar to Bluesky’s existing schemes for fire door installation, inspection and maintenance schemes in that the installation company must nominate a supervisor who takes responsibility for a number of operatives. The installer must obtain appropriate data sheets from fire stopping product manufacturers, then fit their products correctly, in line with both the manufacturers’ instructions and fire test evidence.

Installations that have been carried out under the scheme will be easily identifiable by a label, placed next to each installation to confirm that it meets the requirements of the scheme. The work is also registered with Bluesky, so that a certificate can be e-mailed to the Responsible Person.

Companies wishing to join the scheme must undergo an initial audit at a site where they are fitting fire stopping seals. As well as showing that the firestopping seals have been fitted correctly, the company will need to demonstrate that appropriate training and monitoring procedures are in place. Further site audits are required on a six monthly basis to maintain the certification.

Correct fire stopping is critical in maintaining the fire resistance of compartment lines in buildings. Electrical, communications, water and gas services which pass through compartment walls must be appropriately fire stopped to ensure that the fire integrity is not breached.

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