In 2014, Arbo Windows purchased equipment from a defunct company and started the production of wooden windows and doors. The window production plant, equipment, and insulated glass units become the most valuable asset of Arbo Windows.

Since its inception, Arbo Windows has made significant investments in research and development, technology, and infrastructure. One of the largest investments of 2.5 million euros has been in its production facility.

Arbo Windows offers a wide range of products to meet different customer needs. From traditional wooden windows made with precision to contemporary designs using advanced materials, the company strives to provide solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Arbo Windows places great emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company sources its wood from sustainable forests and uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to reduce its carbon footprint.

In response to the growing demand for fire protection solutions, Arbo Windows has developed fire-resistant windows that meet industry fire resistance standards.

The main export markets for Arbo Windows are Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, France, and Japan but they deliver worldwide. The first project was delivered to the US in early 2024.

Their production facility is located in the port city of Ventspils, Latvia and they have 2 sales offices in the capital of Latvia – Riga and Cēsis City.